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If you're having trouble finding a specific item, try a variation or a partial search.  For example, if you're looking for Alloy "AZ31B H24" and find no results, try just typing "AZ31B".
This is not a search engine. This searches the IML database.  Only enter specific terms.  For example, if you're looking for Magnesium products in Sheet form, search for "Magnesium Sheet", not "Magnesium in sheet form".
Avoid using words like, and, or, the etc.
You can choose from three different search methods:
Exact: Will return only results that match exactly what you type.  So, for example, you do a search for "1100 Plate" with "Exact" selected, you will not get any results because the search looks for those exact words in that order.  Change that search to "1100" and "exact" selected and you will get a results.
All: The recommended method of searching and is the method used by default.  If you want to locate products that contain all your search parameters, this is the best choice. So, for example, if you type "1100 Plate" with "All" selected, you will get results that only contain both "1100" and "Plate".  Then, to narrow your search, Try entering "1100 Plate Aluminum", which will produce less results because it's more of a specific search.
Any:  A less specific, broader method of searching.  If you enter "1100 Plate" with "Any" selected, you will get several returns because it searches the database for products that contain either the term "1100" or the term "Plate".

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