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In General . . .
   How do I get a quote online?
There are a few ways to get a fast quote —
1. For 'simple' item quotes and when you want to add all of the information, try the IML FastQuote form on our homepage, just type a few lines, hit the submit button and we're on it.
2. For a specific item and when you want to see specs, available grades and forms, etc., search our metals database for the material, alloy, or form you need. Click the 'Data/Quote' link in the last column of the item you're interested in.
3. Use our more complete quote form
4. Download IML_Price_Quote.pdf, complete on screen, print and email or fax to IML
(631) 981-1339

Where do I get a copies of paperwork - mill certifications / MTRs / Certificates of Conformity, etc...
Call or email IML (see contact info) to request paperwork, check orders, etc. (Note: IML is building an online document retrieval system, be sure to register with us to be informed when this time-saver is deployed).

How can I check the status of a current order?
Please refer to the above question.

What freight carriers do you typically use?
Generally, we use New Penn, Yellow, BAX Global, UPS, Federal Express, among many others.

How can I track my shipment?
Call or email IML (see contact info) to request paperwork, check orders, etc.

Do you offer overnight or 2nd day delivery?
IML provides shipment in all forms to accommodate our customers' desires. We utilize any and every means at our disposal to insure the product is where and when you need it.

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
For example, we charge $25 for UPS and FedEx packaging. Ship-to location and the weight of your order determines freight rates and other elements can have an effect on our handling costs. That's why we try to provide the most accurate price quotes in the industry - including all anticipated shipping and handling costs. Contact IML for a price quote.

Is export packaging available?
Our packing area is larger than many competitor's entire warehouse. In fact, we excel at customs' packing, crating, etc., and package to MIL-STD-129 P, waterproof, provide barcoding, and more. See our packing page for more info.

Where are your facilities located?
See a listing of IML international facilities.

Credit / Account Questions . . .
What are your standard open account terms?
Net 30 for pre-approved open accounts (download and return our IML_Credit_Application.pdf)

What is your remit-to address?
Industrial Metals Int'l, Ltd.
2065 Fifth Avenue
PO Box 306
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 USA

Does IML accept credit cards?
We accept Master Card, Visa, and American Express.

Tech FAQs . . .
What specifications, certs, records, etc., do you provide?
IML materials are able to meet the standards you specify - and we are experts at providing the correct material with all the paperwork you need. In this business, and for our type of customers, conformity and traceability are not optional - they are absolutely required. That's why IML has set standards - for over 40 years - in record-keeping for our metals.

What type of extended services do you offer?
Quite a few. IML can provide virtually any metal service you need - order expediting, customs packing, kitting, warehouse programs, and material services such as cutting, drilling, heat treat and more - we've been on the job for over 40 years! See our services table of contents for more information.

Does IML supply metals of foreign or domestic origin?

Yes, IML is a major supplier of DFARS, (Defense Federal Acquistion Supplement) material, from both domestic and foreign origin.

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Industrial Metals International, Ltd is a mill depot and stocking distributor of metals such as aluminum 2024, 6061, 7075, titanium 6AL-4V, CP1, stainless steel 321 and 347 and 17-4PH, high-temperature nickel 625, 718 and Hastelloy, copper alloys and other metals in grades such as 4130, 4340, 9310 and many more. Inventory includes rod, bar, sheet, strip, plate, tube, wire, castings & forgings. IML supplies material to required specifications including AMS, UNS, MIL, QQ and many other standards including commercial specifications.  Industrial Metals International is accredited ISO 9002 and adheres to the strictest standards of traceability as well as supplying chemical & physical test reports, export packing, kitting and more.

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