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Quality Terms and Conditions

Quality System

The supplier is required to maintain the quality system in effect at time of quality approval to guarantee the product or service will meet the requirements of the purchase order and applicable specifications. If a defect is suspected post shipment the supplier is required to notify Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd of the potential defect.

The supplier’s quality system is subject to the approval of Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd’s quality department. This approval may be obtained via written quality survey or an on-sight quality audit and is subject to a periodic re-approval.


Material Country of Origin

Requirements for origin of Material will be identified on the Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd Purchase Order. North American suppliers must note the NAFTA compliance status of the material.


Special Processes

The supplier is to maintain Special Process records, which should include, but are not limited to, the qualification of processes, procedures, and personnel.


Supplier Records

Supplier is responsible for inspection of all material under the referenced purchase order to all applicable drawing requirements and specifications prior to delivery. Supplier shall prepare records evidencing all inspections made under this order. Acceptance by Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd does not relieve the supplier of any responsibility from meeting all engineering drawing and specification requirements. Inspection and test records shall be retained and made available to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd for a period of no less than 7 years from delivery of material or they shall be forwarded to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd for retention.


Right of Entry

Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd, our customer, our customer’s final customer and regulatory agencies shall have the right to verify the quality of work, records, and material at your facility. When Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd or our customers intend to perform inspection and verification at the supplier’s premises, the Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd PO shall state the arrangements and method of product release/approval.



To prevent the purchase of counterfeit or suspect unapproved product, all products will be marked in accordance with material specification requirements. Material shipped to any Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd facility or direct shipped to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd’s customer on behalf of Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd requires the identification of the Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd Purchase Order number on the packaging or package label.


Technical Data

Supplier shall comply with all specifications and drawings stated in the purchase order. Suppliers shall comply with the most stringent specification in the event of a conflict in specifications. If specification revision is not listed,latest revision applies.



The supplier shall establish and maintain a documented heat lot control system that assigns a unique number to each heat lot or batch and shall be traceable through all fabrication and heat treat processes.



Suppliers must exercise reasonable care when packaging and preserving material for transport to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd. The material must be in good order; damage and corrosion free upon receipt into a Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd Facility. The supplier is expected to have documented standards for protection and preservation that are based on experience and industrial standards as appropriate to the product shipped. Failure to properly protect the material will because for reject and subsequent return and debit of the material supplier.


Approved Suppliers

If subsequent processing or sub-contracting is employed, the supplier must verify that their processor is an Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd approved processor and is currently approved by Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd’s customer.


Material Test Reports

The supplier shall provide copies of the original mill Test Reports showing material traceability to the producer. The Test Reports shall show the test results required by the specification referenced in the Purchase Order including any heat-treat response tests or NDE as required. Material Country of Origin and Country of Melt and complete traceability to the original manufacturer must be indicated on the Test Report. Certification of the manufacturing process and subsequent verification of the process results by processing vendor’s lab is required, and should be included or forwarded to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd along with applicable certificate of conformity, test reports, and/or airworthiness approval from approved manufacture or approved repair station. Such test reports shall show the actual number of pieces for each heat lot. If a sub-tier vendor carries out the subsequent testing, the sub-tier vendor must be approved by Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd and Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd’s customer. All test reports should be signed and dated by qualified personnel. For all materials, all testing required by specification shall be reported on certified Test Reports.


Processing Test Reports

Processing Test Reports shall show material specification, condition or temper, heat lot, controlling process specification, and subsequent processing parameters as specified by the controlling specification. Processing parameters may include thermal processing times and temperatures, furnace number, NDE test specification, and internal procedure number. Subsequent test validations required by specification or purchase order such as hardness, conductivity, or mechanical testing shall be reported on the test report. If a sub-tier vendor carries out the subsequent testing, the sub-tier supplier must be approved by Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd and it’s customer. All processing test reports should be signed and dated by qualified personnel.


Test Pieces

Test pieces when required will be specified as a requirement on the Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd Purchase Order. The supplier will supply a representative test piece of each heat lot, not cut from the prime material unless authorized by PO.



Packaging should be done to protect product.


Shipping Tolerance

Shipping tolerances per Purchasing Department / Supplier agreement.



In the event a shipment fails to meet Specifications or Purchase Order Requirements, the supplier must provide a response to Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd Quality Assurance within 10 days of notification. If the supplier does not respond within 10 working days, Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd shall at its discretion debit accounts payable, and return the discrepant material freight collect.



Counterfeit Parts Program

Seller must ensure that no product supplied under this order includes counterfeit work as defined by AS6174 Sec. 3. This order is subject to the requirements of AS6174 Section D.2.1. In addition the requirements of Lockheed Martin quality appendix “QX” section 1.3 apply between Seller and Industrial Metals International Ltd. as buyer. Lockheed “QX” document may be accessed electronically at:




Acknowledgement and Flow Down

Suppliers’ acknowledgement of these Terms and Conditions will be confirmed by receipt of signed purchase order, receipt of invoice, or any services rendered against the purchase order. The supplier shall flow down all requirements of these Terms and Conditions and of the Purchase Order (including information on key characteristics where required) to its lower tier suppliers.


Changes in product definitions

The Supplier is to notify Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd for approval of any exceptions/changes in product definitions and/or manufacturing process, service process, and/or testing process when such a change will affect contract requirements, Industrial Metals Int’l Ltd’s customer’s special process approval, material specification requirements, or the purchase order.






Updated October 2014


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