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Aluminum Forging

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Material Alloy Form(s) AMS

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Aluminum  HR50  Bar
AMS 4264 

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Aluminum  7050-T74  Forging  AMS 4107 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7050-T7452  Forging  AMS 4108 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7175-T736  Forging  AMS 4109 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7049-T73  Forging  AMS 4111 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  6151-T6  Forging  AMS 4125 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7075-T6  Forging  AMS 4126 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  6061-T6  Forging  AMS 4127 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2025-T6  Forging  AMS 4130 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7075-T74  Forging  AMS 4131 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2618-T61  Forging  AMS 4132 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2014-T6  Forging  AMS 4133 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2014-T4   Forging  AMS 4134 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2104-T6  Forging  AMS 4135 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7079-T6  Forging  AMS 4138 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2018-T61  Forging  AMS 4140 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  7075-T73   Forging  AMS 4141 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2219-T6  Forging  AMS 4143 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  2219-T852/T851  Forging  AMS 4144 

Data / Quote

Aluminum  4032-T6  Forging  AMS 4145 

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Industrial Metals International, Ltd is a mill depot and stocking distributor of metals such as aluminum 2024, 6061, 7075, titanium 6AL-4V, CP1, stainless steel 321 and 347 and 17-4PH, high-temperature nickel 625, 718 and Hastelloy, copper alloys and other metals in grades such as 4130, 4340, 9310 and many more. Inventory includes rod, bar, sheet, strip, plate, tube, wire, castings & forgings. IML supplies material to required specifications including AMS, UNS, MIL, QQ and many other standards including commercial specifications.  Industrial Metals International is accredited ISO 9002 and adheres to the strictest standards of traceability as well as supplying chemical & physical test reports, export packing, kitting and more.

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